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    Puhdistamo is dynamic superfood company that designs and manufactures delicious and easy to use products from carefully selected Finnish ingredients. State of the art liquid plant extracts and delicious freeze dried berries from wild nature. Puhdistamo leads the field in quality with its unique accredited product assurance system. Specialty of Puhdistamo is Pakuri, the wild finnish Chaga, that contains astounding antioxidant power of 96 800 ORAC.


    We believe that values cannot be "invented" or "decided". They can only be described based on what has been done up to present moment. Following this definition of values - Puhdistamo has two main values:

    1) People working in the company must be treated in a way they can feel Puhdistamo as their own. We are a family.
    2) We don't go after "price/quality ratio". We only go after the ultimate quality, regardless of the price. We only do the best.


    Puhdistamo was founded on 2009. We have doubled our size almost every consecutive year. In starting year (2009) we had 1 employees - the founder - and a turnover of 125.000 EUR. Six years later (2015) we have a turnover of 5 million EUR and 30 employees in our family. We are just warming up.


King of ORAC -the finnish Chaga

Laboratory measured 96800 ORAC

FinChaga Instant Chaga is an extract powder made with finnish, wild grown mushroom. The Chaga is extracted with hot water for average of 18 hours. This results in a thick ”tea” bursting with the antioxidant melanins and other valuable water soluble components, like the immunomodulating po-
lysaccharides. Quick drying stores all these nutrients to a brown powder which is 100% water soluble.

When 1/2 teaspoon of Instant Chaga is mixed with a cup of hot water, the Chaga tea is instantly ready.

Instant-Chaga is available in 28g dark glass jars available for private labeling or as an ingredient.


Freeze-dried bilberry

the wild variety from above the artic circle

Unlike most of the world's blueberry - our blueberry is actually bilberry. Why does it matter?

First - blueberry is usually grown in fields that are harvested. Bilberry is always wild and it is collected by hand in the forests of Finland.

Second - blueberry is a large berry with a white inside. The bilberry is small and it is thoroughly penetrated by intense blue/purple colour. This colour is the very antioxidant content of bilberry. It is much more nutritious than its cousin, the blueberry.

Freeze-dried bilberry is available as a ingredient, starting from 26,5 liters to full container loads.


Freeze-dried lingonberry

THE Wild red superberry from the north

In finnish natural forest, lingonberry is the berry that grows alongside the bilberry. Together they are the most valued berries in Finland.

Lingonberry is actually more healthy than the famous bilberry. Although more acidic and not as delicious as the bilberry, there is a growing evidence that lingonberry is beating the game against other berries!

Main benefit areas of lingonberry are: Heart health, urinary tract health, allergies and overall antioxidant activity.

Freeze-dried lingonberry is available as a ingredient, starting from 26,5 liters to full container loads.


Freeze-dried strawberry

the most delicious berry of them all

We all know and love the strawberry! However, only few people have had the opportunity to taste the finnish strawberry..

Strawberries of Finland are a little smaller than usually, and they have very rich, delicious aroma.

The strawberries are freeze-dried using a special process that conserves the flavors and vitamin content up to 97% compared to fresh berry. When you take a bite of our dried strawberry, you literally cannot believe what you are tasting!

Freeze-dried strawberry is available as a ingredient, starting from 26,5 liters to full container loads.


Freeze-dried sea buckthorn

the powerful orange coloured superberry

Sea buckthorn is a berry which ranges in color from bright yellow to deep orange. It is very acidic in taste, and superhealthy!

Sea buckthorn is a very high source of Vitamin C. The freeze-dried berry can contain vitamin C up to 8000mg/100g. In addition to Vitamin C, the berry contains lots of carotenoids, the precursor to Vitamin A.

Freeze-dried sea buckthorn has an oil content of 23%. All of this oil is very healthy, and comprises mostly of Omega 7 -category. It is good for cholesterol levels and for mucuous membranes.

Freeze-dried sea buckthorn is available as a ingredient, starting from 26,5 liters to full container loads.

100% Finnish

The nature of Finland is a very beautiful one, but ruthless in its beauty. The winter is long, cold and dark. This means the wild plant life wouldn't stand a chance if they didn't have a pool of protective nutrients to cover them. These nutrients will in turn benefit us, when we eat the berries.

wild harvested

From our berries only strawberry is cultivated. All the other berries and Chaga are wild harvested. They grow in the wild, without any "man made" protection and/or fertilizers.


When calculating all forests of Finland, including the forests next to large cities - the average forest is very, very pure. Actually a whopping 97,5% of all forest in Finland would be approved Certified Organic, if just the land owners would apply. Talk about clean and pure.


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